Spread&Cole, the collaborative hub for retailers and suppliers to improve product's withdrawal and recall

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Who are we ?

Trust, the foundation for a sustainable business

Because consumers are more careful about the products they buy.

Because the reputation of a brand is destroyed much faster than it was built.

Crises related to defective products in mass consumption can have serious consequences for industry and retailers.

Our vision

Spread&Cole is a platform that relies on GS1 standards, to help the mass distribution’s world to accelerate and make withdrawals and recall more reliable.

Tomorrow’s business is built on today’s trust.

Spread&Cole solutions


Simultaneous broadcast to all your distributor customers in the event of an alert.


Power your information systems from the data flow (API) recalls and withdrawals of suppliers, in real time.

Public Authorities

Broadcast your alerts to public authorities in real time.

scientific approach

Research project at La Rochelle

to anticipate food crises and protect consumers

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In march 2019, Spread&Cole commits to Excelia Group to support during 3 years, the chair “Evaluate and report the global performance : the committed retail business”

Through its innovative projects, its contribution of data from the field and its corporate philanthropy, Spread&Cole intends to contribute to a better understanding of crises related to defective products.

Exchanges and collaboration between Excelia Group and Spread&Cole teams will enable the innovation and development teams to enrich the platform, for a continuous improvement in favor of consumer protection.

Our partners

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