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The Spread&Cole Project of “La Compagnie Rochelaise du Logiciel” (=The Software Company from La Rochelle) is led by Olivier PRENTOUT and Lise POMMERET.

Located in La Rochelle in Charente-Maritime, close to its customers in a few clicks or in 2 hours of train, “La Compagnie Rochelaise du Logiciel” develops its business around a mission : “to build solutions  we are proud of, because they have a positive social or societal footprint.” 

This business philosophy also takes shape in the daily company operation and the corporate commitment into the “Lucie Label 26000” audited by Bureau Veritas. 

Olivier Prentout et Lise Pommeret

Spread&Cole est ZEBRA Registered ISV

La Compagnie Rochelaise du Logiciel (Spread&Cole) est enregistrée au Datadock

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