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La Mission de Spread&Cole

Trust, a foundation for a sustainable business

Crises related to defective products put on the market can lead to massive value destruction. 

Sometimes, suppliers and retailers face major health crises, as it could happen in case of listeria or foreign bodies detection in food products.

Sometimes, the only suspicion can destroy a brand, when misinformation spreads on social networks and on the internet.

Why ? Because consumers wait now more than ever to be protected by the brands ; and they choose them because they trust them.

The “Zero-Defect” is a laudable goal but impossible. By consequences, when a defective product is sent to warehouses or points of sales, brands and warehouses must rely on the best withdrawal and recall processes.

Spread&Cole is a hub in the cloud, based on GS1 standards to :

  • Increase reliability and accelerate the recall process
  • Share operational information, live from the field
  • Generate the report required by the supervisory authorities
  • Publish evidence of due diligence through the unified database and the “distri-reponsable.com” label

At Spread&Cole, we create confidence in order that our customers build a sustainable business though consumers safety.

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An unified hub to act better and faster

Spread&Cole offers to suppliers and retailers a single point of entry and a centralized database to track in live the withdrawal progress ; with or without recall.

An open solution
to the business world

The hub Spread&Cole is flexible and can feed the different alert application existing or send notifications to the key contacts through all channels (voice messages, e-mail, SMS, fax) according to graduated emergency rules in relation to the case severity. 

Spread&Cole is built on GS1 standards and recommendations to adapt to the shared rules of the global trade. This way, an Asian supplier can send an alert immediately, without language barrier or time difference : a german retailer can receive standardized alerts from its french or spanish suppliers.

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